Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley has been working with churches, ministries and missionaries for nearly 40 years in helping them with their bookkeeping and tax preparation needs. With great joy, Terry has advised pastors and ministers in many ways, most frequently with their cash flow, IRS compliance, and proper handling of transactions affecting their financial statements and tax

It has not just been serving churches and ministries in the United States, although he continues to attract non-profit clients from more than 35 states in the U.S. He also serves missionaries and their organizations in many foreign countries. With the advent of the internet, distance is truly not a barrier.  In addition to preparing financial statements and tax returns for these organizations, another service that is highly regarded by Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley’s clients is the Onsite Review. This consists of a one-day onsite visit to the organization where 16 areas are reviewed related to accounting and tax compliance issues. This review includes recommendations needed to maintain good standing with their 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

If you want to insure your organization is doing everything necessary to comply with their tax exempt status, be sure to contact Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley’s office for an initial brief consultation with Mr. Mosley.