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This content was written for Terry Mosley CPA.

Are you trying to figure out your Tulsa CPA accounting needs? Are you not sure where to start? We know how to get you up and going in no time. All it takes for you to pick up the phone to give us a call to make sure all your accounting needs are taken care of every single time that’s needed. Quit trying to figure things out yourself and let us take care of that for you. Our dedicated staff will not stop until the job gets done. Don’t get too busy today and call us at 800-829-6063.

We care for our customers more than anything. If you’re looking for Tulsa CPA to look out for you that we are your guys. We strive to deliver the highest quality of services to our customers. Every Sunday dinner will not do a customer summer. You don’t need to waste your time with accounting firms that do not care about you or your business. Getting straight enough for you right away. We are here for you. We are very knowledgeable and keep a standard of excellence when it comes to customer service.

This company was incorporated in 1988 and specialized in financial reporting and tax preparation for individuals and organizations. Whether you’re individual, nonprofit organization, small business we offer full-service accounting for you. Providing accounting needs in more than 35 states and many countries overseas gives us advantage that we need over our competition. Twenty-five years of experience within the Tulsa community and beyond shows us that we are capable of expanding and can add to our clientele.

We offer many fun services such as taxation, payroll, and the counseling. We have knowledge of international nonprofit taxable and handled many personal and ministry taxes. In a taxi that you might have we are here for you. Our staff is capable and persistent in meeting all of the accounting needs you may have. We also prepare personal taxes and have had a clients since the 1990s. This is a great opportunity for you to have your accounting needs and taxation needs taken care of all in one shot.

Worried about whether or not we have the right service for your business? Our services on the best in industry. We have multiple services to care for you. Our staff is capable of meeting you right where you are and you will meet all your expectations. Remember we been doing this for over 25 years and we are honest and want to earn your business. We want to represent you, conduct audits and deal with any installment agreements. If the IRS comes knocking at your door turned to us and we will take care. We know what IRS wants and we know how to negotiate with them. Our services can go a long way and we will feats experience them. Let’s do this Give us a call right toll-free today at 800-829-6063.

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This concert was written for Terry Mosley CPA.

Do you have to decide every year what Tulsa CPA to choose? Do you have a long list of accounting services you haven’t committed to? You have the opportunity to choose Terry Mosley CPA which is the best in the business in the Tulsa area. We will make sure that you do not go running back to the other guys that will get the job done. We’ll get the job done efficiently and accurately. The last thing you need is the IRS sending notices to the mailbox. We can send everything out for you past, present, and future. Call us toll-free today at 800-829-6063.

Are you looking for Tulsa CPA that provides great customer service? Then look no further because we had the highest customer service satisfaction guarantee. In the Tulsa area our competition cannot keep up because we provide high quality service for each clientele. Customer service is important to us because it is the core of our business and we delight in serving our customers. Customer service sister told for every client so that we have and the tone we want to say is a job well done while maintaining a great attitude. We understand from the extensive process, but if you have the right guy for the job it won’t be as bad. Choose us today.

Terry Mosley is the owner and founder of Terry Mosley CPA. Our clients range from small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. For 25 years we have been working with the best businesses within the Tulsa community and clients that span over 35 states as set forth countries. We serve our clients are diligently. We specialize in providing our services to missionaries, religious organizations, churches, and ministers. We ensure that we have integrity and honesty in financial reporting and tax preparation for all individuals and organizations. With the experience like ours we can take care of everything for you with ease.

The services we provide our payroll, taxation, and accounting. As far as accounting, we offer compliation of financial statements and review of financial statements. Payroll, we prepared W-2s and 1099s information returns and recalculate federal tax deposits. Other services provide is compensation due for ministers and IRS compliance reviews for church and ministry organizations. We have clients that has been with us for over twenty-one years and they love our level of accessibility, knowledge of international nonprofit tax law and IRS settlements. Let us know what we can do for you.

Are you still going back and forth if we should hire us? Make this smart decision today and hire us because we have the best customer service in the business. Having clients in more than 35 states and four countries qualifies us to earn your business because we care about your expansion while keeping the IRS of the back. We are able to represent you for any IRS audits and offers in compromise. We can take care of you and we are confident in this. Give us a call today at 800-829-6063.