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This was written for Terry Mosley CPA.

Are you sure that you Tulsa CPA is handling your current needs Accurately? Did you notice and you know from the IRS? These are questions you should be asking yourself. Terry Mosley CPA will make sure that all economies are handled accurately and that the IRS. Sending you letters in the mail. Nothing is more worse to know that the IRS is after you. We will represent you and negotiate for the best outcome for you. It’s time that your accounting needs are handled with care and we would like to say to be a onboard with you. Give us a call today toll-free at 800-829-6063.

Are you looking for someone who cares about your business? Our Tulsa CPA will make sure that we not only care for your business but we care for your satisfaction too. Handling accounting service needs isn’t hard for us because he works so hard and we have been in the company for so long. Customer service is very important for whatever business and we will cater everything strictly for you. Our staff is very friendly and love people and would do everything in their power to keep you happy. Establishing time with people that does not care about you and shift your business to us and let us handle the numbers for you.

We have clients in several countries and in over 35 states here in the US. The expansion campus like no other every panel goal for. This company was founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1988. Our clients range from nonprofit organizations to small business to individuals. We have for some the biggest names in Tulsa and throughout the world and we would love for you to be part of the legacy that we’re leaving. Twenty-five years is a long time to be in business and we don’t plan on going anywhere.

This accoutning firm specialize in providing services to churches, missionaries, ministers, and religious organizations; whether profit or nonprofit. We have integrity in our filings of financial reporting and our tax preparation. We have been dealing with budgets, IRS representations, and future endeavors within the business for so many years and we believe that this is the right time for us to join you. Our financial services are taxation, accounting, and payroll. We prepared individual tax returns form 1040, review financial statements, and compilation.

Are you at the phone yet? What should be because we are the best in the business provide the best customer service. We have been around for over 25 years and want to be a part of what you are doing. Don’t forget that we have clients all over 35 states and several foreign countries so we want you to have the assurance that we are here for you and for you only. Give us a call today and let us show you why you are the best in the business and why we have been around for so long. Don’t be lazy give us a call today at 800-829-6063.

Tulsa CPA | Care for Your Accounting

This content was written for Terry Mosley CPA.

Has your Tulsa CPA services has been making errors lately? Are you currently having meetings because documents won’t file correctly? Stop the error of doing business with those accounting services and give us a call today. Here at Terry Mosley CPA will make sure your documents are filled out correctly and accurately the first time around. We know that you are busy handling business needs and will make sure that you don’t have to have multiple meetings for the same issues. Let us take care of it today. Give us a call toll-free for more information at 800-829-6063.

Customer service is what we strive to expand our business with. I know you’re looking for someone who cares about you and your business and we are that guy. We provide exceptional service for accounting needs and will work night and day to ensure that you will never have to worry about the numbers. Everything we do we do with accuracy and with a smile on her face every guarantee that you will not be disappointed in our services. We can do this for you and make things happen. Our customer service is the best and let us prove that she.

Our Tulsa CPA has clients in over 35 states in several countries. We have been around for 25 years and have a vast amount of experience. We have worked with individuals, small businesses, and even non-profits. Our current clients are very happy with our services and love the way we handle the numbers. Nothing is more comforting that you know you can go to bed at night without worrying about the numbers. We are great at what we do that’s all we have been in business for over 25 years. This company was founded in 1984 and incorporated 1988. We are’s full service accounting firm with many clients.

With the services we provide? If you go to our website you will so you while we are so successful at what we do. We offer accounting services, taxation services and payroll services. Other services include IRS compliance reviews for church and ministry organizations. We specialize in offering services to religious organizations, ministers, churches, and missionaries. We are honest in our financial reporting and tax preparation whether they be individuals or a big organization. Many things we offer, we prepare partnership tax returns for 1065, prepare federal and state payroll tax returns, and review financial statements. We will work night and day to get things done for you.

Stop worrying today and give us a call. Here at Terry Mosley CPA will make sure all of your accounting needs are met with integrity, honesty, and hard work. We want to work for you so give us a call today and that is work things out. Our financial services would keep the IRS off your back and from harassing you. Our staff is ready to work with you the first to give them a call. Call us toll-free today at 800-829-6063.