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Terry Mosley, CPA

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Over 40 years of serving ministries and churches with their tax, compilation, and bookkeeping needs. Terry and his staff KNOW the unique needs of this type of client. Their work with ministries and churches are very minimal and they are reluctant to serve this type of client.
Terry and his staff are usually available when you need them or they get right back to you within a 24 hour period. Are not available when you need them. If they return your call, prepare for it to be several days later with their billable time clock ticking.
Works closely with you to manage your cash flow needs especially as it relates to your taxes – he works to minimize large payments being due at one time. When they review your taxes with you, they appear as surprised as you are with the large amount of taxes due. They don’t prepare you for the cash flow needed to stay on top of your taxes.
Bookkeeping is done in a way that alerts the non-profit organization to stay true to its purpose and eligibility. Focused on getting the bookkeeping done as quickly and cheaply as possible without providing the guidance needed to keep the organization compliant to its requirements.


For the first time this year, I used Terry Mosley and his great staff. I was truly blessed with the time and effort put in to ensure I walked out with full understanding about my taxes, as well as finding that I had overpaid in a previous tax year and could claim that additional refund this year — this is a great office and people to work with! Terry and his staff have gained my loyalty indeed.  Todd Nix

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What is a CPA and Why Do You Need One?

A CPA is a professional accountant who has completed at least 150 semester hours of college education and passed a 16-hour, four part exam to obtain a license in order to offer their services to the public. This process helps insure that only qualified individuals become licensed in the United States as a certified public accountant (CPA). In addition, CPA’s must complete an average of 40 additional hours of continuing education every year to maintain their license.

Most people think that CPA’s only prepare tax returns. However, they also provide tax planning services, assistance in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing authority, bookkeeping services, compilation and review of financial statements, and payroll preparation. Some of these services may be offered by others but most of them do not have the education, knowledge, and
expertise of a CPA. This is why you should consider Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley for your accounting and tax preparation needs.

Company History
Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley would consider it an honor to serve your accounting and tax preparation needs. Terry Mosley has been a CPA in Tulsa since 1985 and offers services to individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. In addition to Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley being a certified public accountant, he is also an Endorsed Local Provider of radio host and financial educator Dave Ramsey. This is a select group of professional tax preparers across the United States that are recommended by the Dave Ramsey organization based on their knowledge, ethical conduct, and expertise in tax preparation.

Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley’s firm is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and serves clients in more than 35 states and many foreign countries. Although the firm works with all businesses and individuals, they have a special expertise for working with churches, religious ministries and ministers. This experience has come through providing accounting and tax services for pastors and churches for over 35 years.

Summary of Services
Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley offers a variety of tax and accounting services. This includes tax preparation for individuals, small businesses, partnerships, corporations, trusts, and exempt organizations. In addition, the firm provides representation before the Internal Revenue Service to help resolve difficult tax issues or establish payment plans for unpaid taxes. Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley also provides many accounting services such as bookkeeping and payroll services. In addition, the firm prepares compilations and
reviews of financial statements.

Tax Preparation
Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley insures that each client’s return accurately reports all income and eligible deductions. They also make sure that clients have adequate documentation and substantiation for each item on the return. In addition, an office or phone consultation is conducted with every client to make sure they understand the results of their return. Finally, Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley can act on behalf of
their clients in communicating with the Internal Revenue Service to respond to notices, set-up payment plans to pay large tax bills, or negotiate with the IRS to reduce the taxes due.

Accounting Services
Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley provides bookkeeping services which include input of checks and deposits, reconciliation of bank accounts, and preparation of financial statements. This service not only frees up business owners from this task but provides an independent review of transactions to insure they are recorded correctly. This service also provides an outside review of financial activity when an in-house
bookkeeper may be performing the duties of making deposits and writing checks without oversight of another employee or the business owner.

Payroll Services
Tulsa CPA Terry Mosley can compute withholding taxes for employees, prepare payroll checks, calculate payroll tax deposits, and prepare payroll tax returns for the IRS and state tax authorities. In addition, they can prepare year-end W-2 forms for employees and 1099 forms for outside services.